About Us


Sakshi Social Welfare Society is a non government organization registered under the Madhya Pradesh Societies Registration Act 1973. It has come into existence from 21.01.2017.

Sakshi Social Welfare Society is a vision of founders, who are the team of passionate people from multi-discipline and multi-sector background with common goal of making our society cognitive, our intention is to put collective efforts to work together and inspire others to uplift the lives of underprivileged people who grow with inadequate education, healthcare, resources and psychological support.

We have identified and implemented several effective and successful approaches that promote major attitude and behaviour change, which involves strengthening and empowering local resources to bring about sustainable improvements in the health, and education sectors.


  • To work on the cause for health issues.
  • To empower women and their families to initiate social change.
  • "To break the vicious cycle of poverty",
  • "Every individual to live with pride and dignity",
  • "Healthcare and education are the primary right of every citizen of the country".

  • To increase access to comprehensive healthcare to the medically uninsured and underserved
  • To contribute for reducing miseries by eradication of poverty with focus support on vulnerable
  • To enrich the knowledge and enhance skills of needy social segments and help them to meet requirements for decent work opportunities
  • To empower underprivileged people to achieve lifelong success
  • To initiate pioneering programs that can serve as an example and a model in various areas of human development

  • What is volunteering?

    'Volunteers don not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart' ____Elizabeth Andrew

    Volunteering have been synonymously used with the terms Community Service. Most of us lead a good life while there is section of society which is unprivileged and they need more love and care.
    It is the effort of the volunteers which makes it possible.

    Why Volunteer?

    While volunteering you give :-

    • A better society which is more greener, healthy and cleaner.
    • A better planet that grows together.
    • A better life for unprivileged ones.
    • And many more……..

    While volunteering you get :-

    • Confidence and satisfaction
    • Learn team management skills.
    • Meet new people, build healthy relation.
    • Make a presence in society.
    • Compassion and happiness of making a difference.
    • And many more………

    How to volunteer with us?

    For our various events, activities we need good people to be around, give a hand and make the initiative into a time to remember. If you think, you can make a difference, you are requested to please send us your details (name, age, mobile no and address) on info@


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